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About Us

We are located where Clients Need Us 

ConsultAbilities Ltd. is a new company based in Rwanda but old with old international experience and knowledge. The its main activities are: technical consultancy services for hydro domains (water supply and wastewater, irrigation, hydropower, water management), financial consulting services for projects, grant applications and contracts management and supervision. ConsultAbilities is a company with international experience, given by the international experts that provide quality in consulting services.

Our Services  

From pre-development to construction, ConsultAbilities Ltd. can take a project from "0" and bring the project to commissioning and operation stage.

What We Can Do 
Trainings and Capacity buiding in Water Management (Hydropower, Water Supply, Irrigation)

Technical Design and Technical Audits for Water Management Projects

Technical Assistance for project Managemnt and Supervision of Works

Reasearch and Development / Application for Grants

Financial Analysis, Cost Benefits Analysis, Business Plans for Projects